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Welcome to Aloha Bay - Coconut Candles, Chakra Candles, Himalayan Salt, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy Diffusers

Aloha! Browse our menu at left to place an order. Retailers, please visit our wholesale page. Below are our new and top selling products for December:

Chakra Melts

Perfume Blend Square Top Jars

Chakra Jars

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East Java, Indonesia

Visit our sister company and watch several Aloha Bay candles hand poured and crafted with no machinery! Wax Industri was formed in 2001 by Ong Wen Ping and Prananto Nugroho along with Aloha Bay, and in November 2017 was welcomed as a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) whose mission is to enable producers to improve livelihoods and communities through fair trade.
Salt Range, Pakistan

Aloha Bay CEO Bart Burger visited Pakistan in February 2018 near the Himalayan mountains. View shops and happy residents going about their daily activities. Notice the joyful, colorful and detailed adornments on street stands and all manner of transport. Here camels take charge on the roadways, while their owners take a restful, lie down on the drawn carts. Here we are reminded that driverless cars are nothing new.

December Specials

20% off these favorites
Culinary Himalayan Salt
select gourmet cooking and table salt
Solé Jar
mineral rich salt and water solution
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