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Fair Trade Certifications

The Agropalma Group has the largest and most modern palm cultivation and processing complex in Brazil. Agropalma has invested in social welfare activities to achieve the sustainable development of its business and of the region as well. Its social actions take place through participation in socioeconomic development projects involving the region's small family producers. The DendÍ Family Agriculture Project stands as an example, aimed at creating productive activities, reducing environmental damage and curbing rural migration.

The DendÍ Family Agriculture Project led the Moju farmers to establish the ArauaŪ Community Development Association (ACDA). Edmilson Ferreira de Barros, president of ACDA says "we didnít have development help before Ė we deforested a lot and reaped little. Now we donít cut down the forest." Families have a source of permanent work due to the crop's perennial nature. The association is also creating schools and clinics.

IBD EcoSocial is an increasingly popular Fair Trade certification program, a gaurantee seal that promotes human, social and environmental development in developing countries.

IBD EcoSocial empowers small farmers and the food industry around the world. To learn more, please visit www.ibd.com.br.

Click here to review a copy of the Agropalma Group's Fair Trade Certification.

Palm Wax Certifications

Linked at right are the RSPO (Roundtableon Sustainable Palm Oil) certifications for Daabon USA as the distributor and Daabon Group as the grower / refiner guaranteeing that the criteria for processing RSPO certified sustainable palm oil have been met.

Read more about Daabon Plantations in Colombia.
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