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Endorsements from Our Top Accounts

Saw you at the Anaheim Expo and tried a sample then and really liked it. Placed an order and they're flying out the door. The candles sell awesome, burn wonderfully, have an outstanding smell - a real top of the line candle.
Stephanie, Bainbridge Island, WA.

Another candle company told me that in order to get palm wax, the tree was destroyed. I am happy to know this is not so. We do carry your candles and love how proactive you are in the eco-minded stuff. I would now have to solidly agree with you that Palm is the ONLY way to go.
Susanna, Naples, FL.

They have been selling faster than Beenie Babies! We can't keep the fixture stocked. They're just wonderful.
Gwen, Long Beach, WA.

People don't just buy one or two, they buy a dozen!
Teresa Earl, Austin, MN.

I am delighted with the quality of Aloha Bay candles, and will always choose your company's candles over any other line. Aloha Bay candles are superior in every way -- clean-burning, beautiful pure essential oil scents, nice packaging and reasonable prices. Keep them coming, and I'll keep buying!
Lynne, Cobb, CA.

It's our number 1 selling votive. They go like gangbusters. We even fill other companies' displays with your votive.
Karen & Debbie, Florissant, CO.

Selling gazillions. Just amazing. People come in and buy a few of the votive fragrances and will be back in a couple of days to get the jars.
Rita, Tomah, WI.

With the great aroma blends, all natural wax, upscale merchandising fixtures, catchy names and priced to sell they instantly became our best selling votive.
Nansi Burgess, Monterey, CA.

Literally the 'hottest' candle we have in the store. Far outsells all other votives. Customers love the appearance, double colors, and especially the natural aromas.
Verna, Sisters, OR.

We carried three other major lines, all less expensive, but your votive candles outsold them ten to one. Now you're the only line we carry.
Mike, Lakewood, CO.

Customers come in to try a few and then they come back and buy entire trays of twelve.
Verna, La Salle, IL.

In twelve years of retail business, I have never had a candle sell like your votives. We get calls from all over the US from tourists who loved them and want us to ship them a few dozen more.
Sue, Tiburon, CA.

You better have plenty of back stock or you'll run out faster than you can reorder.
Kevin, Chicago, IL.

Within two weeks I reordered. They sell themselves - their unique crystallized appearance is gorgeous, the scents wonderful, and the burn quality superb.
Donna, Philadelphia, PA.

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