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How We Protect Product Value

Wholesale candles from Aloha Bay will NOT be in Discount Stores

You won't find any Aloha Bay products at Ross for Less, TJ Max, Marshalls, or Wal-Mart or any chain that buys distressed or discounted merchandise.

American candle companies like Yankee, Village, Colonial Candle, and Chesapeake Bay Candle, just to mention a few, are challenged with massive production scheduling, huge inventories, and long lead times because they serve the mass market. Over-production, but also the discontinuation of a fragrance or product line, causes these companies to 'dump' their overstock through discount chains.

Instead, Aloha Bay provides wholesale candles with unique features: Palm Wax™ candles and wholesale candles made with pure natural and organic ingredients. Wholesale salt lamps and other wholesale salt products come from our own factory in Pakistan. Not having to compete with large (discount) chains protects the margins of our retailers.

Bart, our CEO, streamlined our systems by creating a just-in-time production and inventory system, using a Japanese inventory management concept. It focuses on keeping work inventories at a minimum. It matches inventories of finished goods with sales demand. Production is leveled through the use of better production planning and the redesign of the manufacturing process. All our suppliers are worked with harmoniously to ensure we always have enough raw materials.

We have a factory outlet store on Main Street, Lower Lake, California - right in front of our factory, where we sell all our discontinued items and closeouts.

You also won't find Aloha Bay products in any of the big discount chains or big box stores. We work with a couple of small national chains like Whole Foods Markets, and Wegman's. In our 15 years in business, our bread-and-butter has always been to work with independent retailers and small chains.

Ten years ago we made the mistake of selling to a large national chain. They bought over a million dollars of our candles, but we had to hire a full time person to keep them from billing us for alleged wrong shipments, new store openings and damages that never occurred.

Some of the independent stores complained, because even though we sold our wholesale candles at the same price, the large chain was taking less of a profit margin. In the end, it simply was not worth the hassle for us and we stopped selling to large chains.

We are even careful to try not to sell the same product to stores in the same town. In order to offer stores different wholesale candle sets, we have created different wholesale candle lines. For example: 100% Pure Essential Oil Eco Palm Wax™ candles; Richly Scented Palm Wax™ votive candles; unscented candles; Palm Wax tapers and tea lights; a Chakra candle line and a Feng Shui candle line.

So if, for example, one retailer in town wants to bring in the Feng Shui line, another retailer in the same town, but with a different customer base, can offer the richly scented synthetic fragrances.

You can be confident when you order our Aloha Bay Eco Palm Wax™ wholesale candle products and wholesale Himalayan salt products that:

  • They are our own unique designs.
  • Late shipments won't occur. We do everything we can to make sure you will get the product when you need it.
  • We hardly ever back order; our systems in the US and frequent shipments from our fair trade partners overseas will keep you well stocked.
  • You won't be competing with the big box stores.
  • You won't see our wholesale candles and Himalayan salt lamps at discount prices.

To ask specific questions about any wholesale product, please contact Tom Closser.

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