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February 2020 Newsletter


Aloha! For as long as there have been candles, there were people who believed that a lit candle would connect the physical world with the spiritual realm. We all have a natural maybe primordial need to create some light in our lives. Lighting a candle always seems instinctively just the right and natural thing to do.

Candle burning is practiced in almost every religion and esoteric spiritual practice. Candles are ceremonial, ritualistic, symbolic and utilitarian all at the same time. When you go into a church or temple, the feeling of a safe and sacred space is often enhanced by candlelight. Aloha Bay sells thousands of our candles to religious, yoga and meditation centers. Our candles are lit at weddings to ensure a long happy marriage, and they are burned at funerals in honor of the dead. Candles have a special energy and power to them.

Webster's dictionary definition of votive is dedicated or performed in fulfillment of a vow. Votive candles are often lit with prayerful intentions. The burning of candles for spiritual purposes is a practice that dates back to earliest times. To light a candle for someone indicates the intention to bless or help that person. The flame symbolizes heartfelt lightness and love. Everyone who lights a candle has an intention in mind whether they think about it or not. Maybe it's to enhance the ambiance at a meal, fill a room with a pleasant aroma, ask for or give a blessing, or to re-experience a memorable or meaningful scent that reminds us of a loved one or a precious moment.

Photo of Red Colored Tapers, Votive, and Square Top Jar Candles

Candles not only create a romantic ambiance at a meal. The small flickering flames combine the calm that comes with twilight. When the meal is served, we try not to discuss business, get into arguments, or bring up topics that stress each other out. If the conversation becomes harsh, at least the atmosphere can be gentle. Candlelight is indeed soothing.

Burning a candle is also a wonderfully effective ritual to reaffirm or boost one's energy and enthusiasm for what needs to be accomplished. Further, lighting candles helps one to relax, letting the world and all busy-ness melt away.

Truly, candlelight is powerful, often magical, and is so essential to our lives.

Thank you for choosing our eco-friendly candles and Himalayan salt products,
The Aloha Bay Team

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Our friendly customer service can recommend the top selling products and best seasonal scents and colors for your type of business.

Specials Offers - 20% off in February

Pillar Tea Light Holder - This tea light holder is hand-sculpted from exquisite Himalayan crystal salt on a precision lathe in a smooth, round pillar design with a beveled rim at top and bottom. Delightful color patterns and variations are seen, according to where the salt was mined. Enjoy the warm ambiance and soft glow of candle light pouring through the smooth surface.


Photo of Salt Pillar Candle Holder
Pillar Tea Light Holder

Photo of Salt Tea Light and Votive Holders
Salt Tea Light and Votive Candle Holders


These salt candle holders are hand carved from ancient Himalayan crystal salt displaying an inherent natural look and beauty. Each tea light and votive holder is carefully shaped in a pleasing round, tapered top design. Compare to most of our competition who only offer a rough, uneven salt rock with a hole for the candle.

Salt candle holders are available in these five sizes:

  • Pillar Tea Light Holder - 3.25 inches tall
  • Tea Light and Votive Holder - 3.5 inches tall
  • Tea Light Holder - 2.75 inches tall
  • Tea Light Holder - 2.25 inches tall
  • White Tea Light Holder - 2.25 inches tall

Suggested Use: Gently center a tea light or votive candle in the salt crystal candle holder. Light to enjoy the warming glow and ambiance of white or soft pink-orange light and the flicker of candle flame through each crystal facet. Please note: Always place the candle holder on a stable surface and never leave a candle burning unattended.


Photo of Salt Tea Light Holders
Pink and White Salt Tea Light Holders

Photo of Glass Votive Holder


Votive Glass - Aloha Bay's glass votive candle holders are designed with thick glass bottoms to ensure that heat does not transfer down and damage furniture. In addition, the votive holder prevents wax from spilling onto surfaces.

Votive candle holders are on 20% off special in February.

Remember to always burn votive candles in a votive glass and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Perfume Blends with Essential Oils scented votives and square top jar candles. Fragrance is the driving force when choosing a scented candle, and the majority of people want strong and memorable aromas. With fifteen fragrances to choose from, including six new scents (Litsea Lime, Honey Amber, Ocean Sage, Maui Plumeria, Peony Rush, Vanilla Oakmoss), we are confident that you will enjoy time-tested favorites and discover new scents. Take a moment to browse and select Aloha Bay's perfume blend candles with essential oils square top jars and votive candles.

Photo of Perfume Blends Square Top Jars and Votive Candles

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