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Christmas Tree Candles

Since the sixteenth century, we have decorated our Christmas Trees with real candles. When electricity came along, it almost made us forget how beautiful natural lighting can be on one of our most important holiday decorations. A tree, illuminated in natural candlelight, magically will demand attention from you and your guests.

• Fragrance-free taper candles for your Christmas Tree

• 100% vegetable coconut wax blend (coconut, palm, carnauba) sourced from sustainable agriculture

• Paraffin, soy, and GMO free

• REACH compliant vegetable oil based dyes

• Clean burning with pure cotton wicks

• Each box contains 20 candles, ½" diameter by 4½" tall

• Place candles into your Christmas Tree candle
holders then attach holders to the Christmas tree.

Display Pack Holds 8 Boxes

BURNING INSTRUCTIONS: Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Use a fitting, fire-proof candle holder. Make sure the candle stands upright. Keep a safe distance from (overhanging) tree branches and other flammable objects of at least 4" around and 12" above the flame. Avoid drafts. Keeps wicks trimmed to 1/2". Do not burn the last 1/2" of the candle. See candle placement photo below.


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