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Coconut Votives - Fragrance Free

Two ounces each. Burn time is 16 hrs. Always burn votives in a votive glass. Cotton wick for clean and steady burn. Post-Consumer Cardboard box. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Read more about our votive candle selections, uses and ideas on which votive type will match your needs.








Our Votive Candles

Webster's definition of votive is the following: "dedicated or performed in fulfillment of a vow."

Votive candles are often lit for prayer intentions. To "light a candle for someone" indicates one's intention to say a prayer for another person, and the candle symbolizes that prayer. Votive or prayer candles are also lit for inspiration or a specific intention or to cast a spell.

Research of national candle brands shows a sales pattern by percentage of dollars spent something like:
  • Votives           30%
  • Jars                30%
  • Pillars             25%
  • Tapers           15%

Aloha Bay® votive sales by dollar volume is more like 40%.

Pillars sell mostly during the holidays. Tapers are burnt at gourmet meals or special ceremonies. Jars are the longest burning candles and most often used in rooms or ceremonies where the candle needs to burn for longer periods of time.

Most often a candle buyer will try out a new scent by purchasing a votive candle. They will definitely come back and buy more of the same scent if they love it and then try out a couple new votive candle scents. Once they find their favorites scents, they will buy some jar candles. With a votive candle it's the everyday candle use that creates the repeat sales.

Aloha Bay® offers three types of votive candles:

  1. 100% pure essential oil scents. These are the best selling.
  2. Unscented votive candles. These are for scent sensitivity folks. Yoga studios and meditation centers often burn unscented candles for the same reason. Unscented also works best for someone that wants to burn a candle at a meal and not have the candle scent compete with their gourmet food and fine wines.
  3. Synthetic scents. These are the favorites of folks who want really strong scents to fill the room.

A votive candle lasts about 15 hours.

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