Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Enjoy the warm ambiance and soft light from an Aloha Bay salt lamp. Varying levels of minerals and veining in the lamps reveal delightful patterns and colors from pale white, pink, orange, red, and even grey!

Hand-picked by our staff for color and solidness without cracks, our lamps use custom designed, higher quality non-corrosive, plastic lamp bases with 110V ETL Intertek listed switches, electrical cords, and bases that meet UL approved specs. Sturdy double cardboard box packaging with full size color label.

Salt Lamp

up to 7" tall

4 lbs.

thin black base

Salt Lamp

up to 8" tall

5-7 lbs.

hardwood base

Salt Lamp

up to 9" tall

8-10 lbs.

hardwood base

Salt Lamp

up to 10" tall

11-15 lbs.

hardwood base

Salt Lamp

up to 12" tall

16-20 lbs.

hardwood base


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